We will not under any circumstances allow distributing of television channels, or movies that are contrary to our country’s laws.

The channels content showed in World-TvPro are all from the Internet. Streams provided must not broadcast any content which is harmful to – our country, our co-operating partner countries ( The People’s Republic of China) . security, disclose the country secrets, offend the country, public and other civil legal rights and interests, including:

1. Inciting resistance, destruction of the Country´s Constitution and the laws, administrative
regulations implementation.
2. Inciting subversion of state power, overthrow the national system.
3. Inciting splitting the country and undermines national unity
4. Incitement of ethnic hatred or ethnic discrimination, or that undermines national unity
5. Fabrication or distortion of facts, spreading rumors, disturbing social order
6. Publicized feudal superstition, obscenity, illegal pornography, illegal gambling, violence,
murder, terrorism, and crime
7. Openly insulting other people or fabricating stories to slander others, or other malicious attacks
8. Damage the credibility of state organs
9. Violation of the Constitution and other administrative laws and regulations

World-TvPro does NOT stream, transmit, broadcast, re-broadcast or anyhow interfere with any of the indexed TV channels.

World-TvPro indexes publicly available streams added by stream providers in appropriate categories.

World-TvPro fully respects the rights and wishes of the stream providers and therefore links to streams according to stream providers. Requests to remove streams will be referred to the stream provider.

World-TvPro, as the P2P streaming broadcast platform provider, has no full ability to monitor illegally reproduced piracy. World-TvPro is not legally liable for violations in broadcasting law. Any Infringement liability is limited to the persons streaming transmission who we assume are the broadcasters.