Living abroad?

No need to miss your favorite Tv show!

We offer hundreds of free channels for android, and 29 in Scandinavian in the payment package + many radio channels. All this directly sent to all your favorite devices:

Android smartphones

Our system can be used on any adroid smartphone above version 2.2. Watch you favourite TV show live on the go.

Windows computers

You can watch live tv directly on your windows computer. Both on the go or at home.

Android tablets
Android tablets are fully compatible with our system and is perfect to hook up to a television or watch live tv on the go.
tvandroidAndroid Mini TV
The easiest way to see channels directly on your TV is to buy an Android Rikomagic MK 808 Mini TV or similar. Simply connect your Android device directly to the HDMI input on your TV and control it with a wireless mouse. Remember you must have a TV with HDMI input (newer TVs).